Three New Recipes for Avocado Toast!


I am somewhat of a picky eater. Okay, truthfully, I am a VERY picky eater. My mom loves to remind me that I actually CRIED one time because I had to eat Chinese food instead of Burger King! Granted, I was ten, but Alec can attest to the fact that my food choices are still fairly limited. (Aka, I really only like chocolate and coffee.)

But with adulting comes the need to nourish yourself beyond what Burger King can provide. As many of you know, my health journey has been somewhat of a turbulent one. After testing revealed allergies to gluten, eggs, and almonds, my eating habits have allowed/forced me to look into alternative ways of eating.


What started as the trendy LA person's breakfast food, has now become a cult classic for us normal folks as well. And I'm thanking the heavens for it!

Here are three of my favorite Avocado Toast recipes. Simple, unique and tasty. Let's jump on the bandwagon, friends👇🏻