Outfit Inspo Lacking? Let's Fix That.

Don't you think it's kind of rude how Facebook brings up those stop you in your tracks, cringe-worthy, please don't show my spouse, memories of you? Well, that's what this little fella was for me, folks.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Cue every song from 'All Time Low' about heartbreak and living on the edge.

If you needed permission to feel 100% better about your current self, this little throwback of me from my Sophomore year of high school should do the trick!

Now, not all hope is lost. I decided to share this WILDLY embarrassing photo with you from Spring of 2011 to give you a little contrast to my Spring 2019 outfit choices.

Yes, I have ditched the Bearpaw Boots and learned how to edit a photo properly (Thank you Jesus.) But I mostly wanted to give you a little reminder that we are ALWAYS changing. Whether it's through clothing choices, how you treat friends, or what your morning routine is like, there is always opportunity for growth. Winter passes and flowers brighten the brown soil, and we all get the chance to do this whole life thing again.

With that, I want to bring you up to speed with current outfits that I wear on an average spring day. Let's get to it 👇🏻