My top three shopping tips for a failure-free experience!


I think we've all been there. And if I'm alone, well, this is embarrassing. You walk into a store, ready to conquer any and EVERY thing. You go through one or two racks, still feeling fairly positive that something will speak to you (and hoping it literally will.)

After the third or fourth rack though, the sweaty-palms and racing heartbeat sets in, and you know this shopping trip will be anything but successful.

I've been there one (or seven) too many times, which is why I'm bringing you my top three shopping tips to ensure every trip is setting you up for success. Because let's be honest, the sweaty-palm thing isn't super cute.

Along with these tips, I've rounded up my latest purchases, from spring skirts to dainty necklaces to give you all the inspo necessary to get back in the shopping game. Even if that game means opening an internet tab and never leaving your couch! 👇🏻