What to do With 12 Hours In San Francisco!


Where can you find a life size neon chicken, trendy ice-cream tacos, and a mountain of garlic fries all within walking distance? Try San Francisco.

Alec and I are always up for a road trip, especially when it involves yummy food and the ocean. We have been to San Francisco quite a few times, but decided we wanted to try out some new places this trip!

We started our day with a stop at Proposition Chicken which serves up tasty gluten-free fried chicken (Yeah, you heard me right!) The sandwich was something from gluten-free heaven, and the big ole neon chicken behind Alec's head the whole meal really did make it feel like a crazy dream!

We made our way to the financial district for a game of life-size chess and, as always, a quick photoshoot.

Okay, now this was cool. We planned on going to the infamous Mosaic Stairs on 16th street. Which we did. And they were awesome. The only bummer was the number of tourists who flocked to the stairs by the dozens to get an insta-worthy photo (who can blame them?!)

After waiting around for a clear moment on the stairs, we realized it was a pipe dream and far from our reality. So, we opted for a walk around the picturesque homes instead. After walking down the hill a bit, we came upon another set of stairs, and to my GREAT surprise, these were EVEN BETTER mosaic stairs! (Literally called the Hidden Garden Steps.)

As if we hadn't already burned off our fried chicken, we decided to head up the hill to get a better view of the city. This is when we stumbled upon Grandview Park. Guys. This place is something magical. With 360º views of the city, you can see everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to the ends of the earth (or something like that).

For our final stop before the Giants game, we took a walk (more like a jog because I was that excited) to a magical place called CREAM on 16th Street. They spend each evening serving up treats from gluten-free ice cream sandwiches to these trendy tacos. Of course, in honor of Taco Tuesday (and $1 off) we had to try one. Let me tell you, we were not disappointed.

When you go, make sure to get in some good people watching at this cute stand-up bar. The windows are open to hear the sounds of bustling streets and feel the sea-breeze while enjoying your treat!

We ended our perfect day with a game at Oracle Stadium to see Alec's childhood heroes play the good old American pastime. We indulged in even more treats (Garlic fries and Thai Milk Boba) and relaxed for a rainy evening of Baseball.

Spend the day with us, watch below! 👇🏻