Perfect Christmas Decor Under $5!

I like a good deal. Okay, I LOVE a good deal! I could probably make any amount of money in the world and still be on the hunt for a bargain. Shoutout to you for that skill, Mama. That is why I have prepared this for you, my friends. Not only is the decor mega budget friendly, it will also add to your aesthetic, without making you cringe at the random pops of mismatching colors.

1. Christmas lights: EVERYWHERE. I think I bought these white Christmas lights for $5 at Big Lots. I now leave them up year round. It may be tacky, or it may fill my heart with glittering joy year round. The more lights the better!

2. Scented Pinecones: These things make my entire house smell like a fresh baked apple pie. They are a lovely little addition to our coffee table. We use this bowl in every season, you can fill it with whatever you like as each season comes and goes!

3. Nativity Scene: As you've probably gathered at this point, I am not one for much color. I love this set because it still gives a subtle Christmas touch, while not clashing with my fengshui - if you get my drift.

4. Evergreen: I am all about the greenery! This was under a dollar at Michaels, and brings some wintery attention to the middle of our table. Add some festive salt and pepper shakers, and you've just repurposed your vase!