One Small Way I Find Big Joy

Quality time is one of my favorite love languages. Okay, lets be real, ALL of the love languages are up there on the list. For the sake of time, we'll just focus on this one.

I am incredibly happy to grab coffee with a friend or have a low key night in with my man. As seasons go, this one has been crazy for us. Alec is still in school and teaching for the first time, and I am filled to the brim with finishing up school and starting this awesome business venture!

With the hectic schedules though, we have struggled to fit in the oh-so-important quality time. And if I'm being honest, my grouchy side can come out pretty quickly when I don't get some of this! So, in order to combat my grouchy instincts and to catch our breath, Alec and I have come up with 'Wednesdates'. Every Wednesday, I meet him at school with lunch, and for that heavenly 40 minutes, we hide out in the car and spend what have been some of my most treasured moments together. We feel like sneaky teenagers running off together, and get to truly enjoy each others company.

So I challenge you, whether it's with a few girlfriends, your hubby, or whoever fills your cup, take the time. Love people. Make meaningful relationships that refresh your soul and give you something as a mid-week pick me up!