Old is GOLD

We live in a disposable society, which can actually be a positive thing! It can bring much needed change and new perspectives. Unfortunately, us humans tend to fall very far one way or the other on things. That's why I've tried to make it a point to bring additions into my home that have stood the test of time. Decor pieces that hold stories, beauty, meaning, and are tried and true.

Here are a few items in my home that serve as lovely reminders to me that perfect and new isn't always better. That there is great meaning to be found in the rust and grit of a well worn piece. It is so rewarding to look around my home and know that I have been privileged enough to display such unique pieces from generations before me. For example, I now get to look in my dining room and see a rich wooden table that used to be Alec's grandmas. On top sits two copper Salt and Pepper shakers that take me right back to sitting at my great grandmas house, swapping stories and eating far too many cookies. Holding on to pieces of the past can truly fill a space with character and meaning.

These vintage salt and pepper shakers were my great grandma's. They remind me of all our special memories and are pretty adorable. Bonus!

Pick a copper accent piece to bring warmth to a space

-Find a clay or concrete utensil holder to bring texture and a pop of color to your kitchen (left)

-I found these unique prints at a local thrift store, framed them, and hung them in my living room to add a vintage feel (center)

-Another treasured piece from my great grandma. I love how the gold holder contrasts our dark wood table, which is from my hubby's grandma. So many precious things handed down through the generations! (right)