3 Ways to Holiday Happy

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

For Thanksgiving break, Alec and I made our way to his dreamy hometown of Santa Cruz. This is our absolute FAVORITE place on earth and we take a trip there as often as we can. During our mini vacay, I had some realizations of how we find our 'holiday happy' and keep it year round.

1. Spend your minutes filling your cup and others. Believe me, taking the time for people is so worth it. I am more of an introvert, so it can be hard for me to say yes to every invitation. I have been finding as I get older that I have never regretted saying yes to spending quality time with the people. On this Thanksgiving break, we found a perfect balance for us. Along with taking time for others, we had some much needed downtime together. This included napping by the fire, many beach walks, and buying some fun Christmas gifts at the cutest downtown shops.

2. How to diet during the holidays: don't. I can tend to be somewhat of a health food psycho. During this break though, I decided to ease up a bit and truly enjoy some rebellious eating. And let me tell you, those yummy treats were worth every achy joint I had the next day.

3. Being a kid is totally as fun as you remember. We channeled our inner youth by decorating gingerbread trains and watching an incredibly cheesy (do I even have to add that?) Christmas movie. I was pleasantly surprised by the joy that can come from such simplicity. Now that you're a grown-up, go have some fun.