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Oh, hello there!

                         My name is Chandler (Chandler Bobbitt if you want a mouthful) I am a multi passionate creative with a deep love for; pups, my Santa Cruz, skate boarding hubby, and all things aesthetically pleasing and Pinterest worthy.

I have been in the business of working with dreamers, doers, and wildly adventurous creatives.


And let me tell you with 100% certainty that I am living my dream on the DAILY.

I've had the privilege and PURE JOY of creating a brand that starts a fire within my SOUL. Are you still on the search for a brand that gives you this feeling? Are you struggling to connect with your dream clients? If so, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And even better news, I can lead you through this process as a cheerleader and FRIEND.


Say bye-bye to that shaky

hand-held footage.

Branding Renovation

Are you brand spankin' new to this business thing? Does your current brand need a complete renovation? Start here.

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Farewell to the over-done Macy's catalog look - let's make something authentic.

What I love to Create

The Madison Street Drive

You have questions.

I have answers.


Being an entrepreneur is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding adventures. It can also be... Well, stressful. But fear not, we can fix that! You are unique. Your voice and brand mission MATTERS. Together, we will find a brand design that connects with your deepest self and grabs the attention of your ideal clients.

Madison Street Studios is a one-woman show, so you don't have to go to through several failed collaborations to find your brand needs. I am here to walk you through your brand renovation, from the ground up.


Each film, photograph, and piece of content  is tailored to your specific style in order to match your vision. My goal is to create a custom service for visionaries and passionate entrepreneurs to create a , brand that makes you come alive.